Acceptable Use
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Acceptable Use

In order to ensure proper use of the ClanHQ Network for legal purposes, and for the benefit of ClanHQ customers and third party users as a whole, ClanHQ Hosting has established various rules for acceptable use, outlined below. Abusers, depending on severity, may be warned, suspended, have partial services removed from account, or be permanently removed from network with or without warning. Judgment of violations is solely at the discretion of ClanHQ staff.

1. Harm to individuals/groups: Harm to individuals or groups, including threats directed toward such third parties, using any network services for harrassment of any form, and any other uses of the ClanHQ network to harm or encourage harm to individuals, groups or their property, is strictly forbidden.
2. Prohibited content: Illegal content such as child pornography and materials promoting illegal acts are prohibited.
3. Harm to Networks: Use of the ClanHQ network to harm either itself or a part of it, or other networks is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: denial of service attacks, mail bombing, corruption such as defacing websites, information theft, and virus distribution.
4. Unsolicited E-Mail/newsgroup spamming: Unsolicited mail (SPAM) and spamming USEnet newsgroups are absolutely prohibited. Users caught doing this (outgoing mail spools ARE monitored actively for it) will be suspended immediately and notified to cease this activity and remove any tools used to do this upon reconnection. Offenders, depending on seriousness and history of abuse, may be permanently removed from network without refund, or may have access to mail and other services removed from their account temporarily or permanently.
5. Fraud / Forgery / Impersonation: Fraudulent activity such as pyramid schemes, forgery of information,impersonation of other websites to obtain private information, and any other deceptive practices are strictly forbidden. Also false account information such as name, address, etc may result in account suspension until valid information is received.
6. Privacy: Users may not use the ClanHQ network to attempt to collect personal information from third parties without knowledge or consent.
7. Copyright Infringement: Use of copyrighted material in any way including but not limited to downloads (mp3s, warez) and theft of copyrighted artwork/photos without copyright owner's permission is prohibited.
8. Third Party Accountability: Users of the ClanHQ network are accountable for all actions taken by third party users of their content and services.

Terms Of Service

1. Rate plans: Due to the nature of ClanHQ Hosting, promotions are run on a regular basis. Rates are subject to the possibility of change with prior notice, however this will only happen in severe circumstances (such as bandwidth supplier or server costs rapidly increasing), which most likely will not happen. In general customers maintain their rate plan, at the agreed cost when the user chose it, as long as that user doesn't change to another plan. Users may change their rate plan for the next billing cycle at any time, and by requesting it through ClanHQ support, in most cases can have their rate plan re-rated for the current month, provided customer has not exceeded the 15th day of his/her billing cycle.
2. Billing cycles: Billing cycles are determined based on the day customer begins service. Services begins once the customer has paid for the first month of service and any applicable setup fees as defined in chosen plan details. Bill cycles may be changed by contacting ClanHQ customer support if needed. In these cases, bandwidth and monthly service charges will be prorated by a shorter than average bill cycle. Pro-rating is based on a 30 day month.
3. Cancellation: Customers may terminate their service with ClanHQ Hosting at any time per notification to ClanHQ customer support, however payments to ClanHQ Hosting are non-refundable. If a customer has paid for a set amount of time, the customer may simply notify customer support and cancel at the end of that period, or if their is a circumstance where customer requires immediate termination of services, this is possible. Accounts may only be canceled per user request with verification, or if customer commits serious or repeat violation of ClanHQ Hosting acceptable use policy, ClanHQ may cancel account on ClanHQ staff's sole discretion.
4. Billing: Payments are due by the start date of bill cycle. Customers will receive a bill at least 7 (seven) days in advance of their due date. Customers who have paid for several months at a time will only receive a bill when their payment term runs out. If an account becomes 10 days past due, it will become subject to a partial suspension (email may still run, however web services will be suspended). If an account becomes 20 days past due, the account may be fully suspended until payment is received. If an account becomes fully suspended, a $10 reconnection fee will be assessed at account restore date.
5. Disputes: If a customer has a dispute about his/her bill, it is the customers responsibility to contact customer support within 60 (sixty) days of the date of first bill with disputed charges. Refunds in the form of credits toward hosting account, or check payment will be determined upon sole judgment of ClanHQ staff following research of bill dispute.
6. Nature of Service: Customer acknowledges that due to type of service, 100% uptime of all services is not guaranteed. ClanHQ in general will work to maintain a minimum of 99.9% uptime, and ClanHQ servers are in data centers with multiple backup facilities and monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week, however 100% uptime cannot be guaranteed. In the event of large amounts of downtime (which rarely happen) adjustments may be made on accounts, at ClanHQ staff's discretion.
7. Bandwidth Usage: Customer agrees that he/she will not go over bandwidth usage for customer's plan. If customer does go over this usage, customer will be billed overage amounts as defined within that plan's details. Failure to pay overage chargesfor next bill cycle date 30 days following close of bill cycle in which overage occured may result in partial or complete suspension of account until payment is made, and ClanHQ may suspend a customer for extreme overage at any time. On Cpanel servers, customers will be suspended if they go overlimit, however they will be notified at 80%, and may be adjusted temporarily and pay the overage fee.

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